Monday, June 22, 2009

Family Photos

Here are some photos for the grandparents (and anyone else!) to enjoy.

For school Matthew had to dress up as a medieval character and make a poster about that person.
Then he had to give a speech about it.

We were blessed to have an excellent 4th grade teacher for Matthew this year. Here is Matthew with Mr. Beaver.

Now here is the entire class.

Timothy's birthday last month.

And Susanna's birthday the month before that.

Miriam is spending the summer in Philadelphia, and before she went she put on a tea party for all of her friends.

The children and I dressed up to serve at the tea party.

Going back a while now, here we are at Easter time doing our Easter vigil. We try to do something special for the various holidays in the
church year. Click HERE to see our pictures from Ash Wednesday.

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