Thursday, December 08, 2011

Pictures from Summer/Autumn 2011

Since this is both my personal and professional blog, it's time to once again upload some pictures and videos for the grandparents and relatives to see/watch.

Matthew, Timothy and Susanna

Robin and Esther


Susanna with Dad

Susanna with her Mother

Timothy Phillips

Susanna's Birthday Party

Hike in the Idaho mountains

Susanna finds a snail

Robin and Esther
Here's a video of Matthew and me playing 'Go Tell it On the Mountain' - our own arrangement specially for the grandparents who will be watching this.

This was our second duet that we have arranged. Our first one was, 'Go Down Moses', and can be watched by clicking here.

Susanna with a friend

To see more pictures of the Phillips Family, click here.
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