Monday, May 15, 2006

The Criminals' Rights Act

For those who follow British politics, with a particular eye on the accelerating erosion of freedom in the UK, you must read The Criminals' Rights Act 1998

This article shows how the, so called, 'Human Rights Act 1998’ opened the UK up to the same slippery slope Americans are all too familiar with - where the nation becomes ruled by an independent judiciary that becomes more powerful than elected lawmakers. When the Human Rights Act 1998 was issued, on a day that came to be known as 'human rights day', nobody guessed the Act would later be used to grant 200 prisoners the right to sue the Home Office - at taxpayers' expense - over their human right to take drugs in jail, or that nine Afghans who hijacked an airplane and forced it to fly to Britain, could sue the Home Office and win – costing the tax payers £200,000 in legal costs – for breaching the Human Rights Act when they denied the hijackers the right to remain in this country.

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