Friday, September 22, 2006

Christian Voice

For a job, I work from home as a freelance researcher. That means people can hire me to find things out for them. Anyone can hire me to find out anything for them, so long as they are willing to pay.

At the moment my main client is Christian Voice, a UK Christian political organisation which seeks to bring a Biblical vision to UK politics and debate. For £20.00 a year you can join Christian Voice and receive their monthly newsletter (an application form for joining can be found HERE). The newsletter is full of topical articles and updates likely to be of interest to conservative Christians in England, Scotland and Wales. I research and then write up most of the articles that appear in the newsletter, so if you enjoy reading my writing on this blog, chances are you will enjoy reading the Christian Voice newsletter. Unfortunately, it is not possible to have international membership at the moment, but I would encourage all UK residents to join Christian Voice.

You don't have to be a member of Christian Voice to benefit from their website. I've just researched and written up some webpages for our anti-casino campaign, which can be read HERE.

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