Wednesday, January 10, 2007


I have just finished watching the documentary OBESSION: RADICAL ISLAM’S WAR AGAINST THE WEST. You can order the DVD from the Obsession website, or you can watch the whole thing for free on YouTube at
As a documentary on international Islamic terror, Obsession is a real eye-opener. Yet its chief value lies in exposing the mentality behind worldwide jihad. The makers of the film have collected numerous items of evidence and primary source material to show that the roots and goals of Muslim violence are identical to those of Nazism.

One of the most chilling parts of the documentary was when a former member of the Hitler Youth was interviewed about the threat of Islam today. The parallels he pointed out between radical Islam and Nazism are simply staggering. Islam uses the same methods to recruit youth and to vilify the Jews that Hitler developed, even employing identical anti-Jewish iconography and motifs. Islam is also as unswerving as Nazism in its ambition to achieve worldwide dominion at all costs.

The film explores Hitler’s own links with Islam. This includes his close personal connection with Haj Amin al-Hussieni, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem and uncle of Yaser Arafat. It is a little known fact that Hitler put al-Hussieni in charge of recruiting 3 Divisions of Muslim SS which were then allied with the Nazi axis.

Obsession replays shocking footage from Arab television, showing how pervasive the anti-Israel and anti-American propaganda has become. We are also shown scenes from Islamic schools where girls as young as 3 are taught that Jews ‘are apes and pigs’ and encouraged to die in the cause of jihad.

The documentary is also a useful revelation of Islamic strategy. One Muslim was filmed saying that they intended to take over the White House. Their method of conquering the White House would not be through violence, he said, but through ideas.

The primary idea that Muslims are currently exploiting is that Islam is not a threat. The film compared Europe’s response to Hitler in the 1930’s with the contemporary culture of denial that currently exists regarding Muslim violence. Although radical Islam has declared jihad against the West, our response to this global war has largely been similar to Chamberlain’s response to Hitler: either discounting the threat or trying to appease the enemy.

Obsession is a wake up call for the West. It is a call for us to accept that we are embroiled in a global conflict and to do something about that before it is too late.

The only way the film could have been improved would have been to put Islamic violence into a wider historical context. Since the inception of Islam in the 7th century, violence has been a central feature of Muslim piety. This is hardly surprising since brutality is encouraged in the Koran and other Islamic sacred writings. Those who wish to know more about this facet of Islam should consult Robert Spencer’s The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam and the Crusades, which I hope to review in a future post.
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