Friday, August 03, 2007

Clarification on Illegal Immigration

Some clarification is required after my PREVIOUS POST about illegal immigration elicited some strong feedback (even, apparently, causing a dear friend to have “lost respect for [me]”).


My comments criticized the disproportional response of the US government towards illegal immigrants compared with legal immigrants. No where in my entire article did I complain that things are so easy for illegal immigrants; rather, I complained that it is not equally easy for legal immigrants like my family.

My polemic on the economic effects of illegal immigration (“bankrupting the system”, “leaching public benefits”) simply reinforced this point a forteriori: since the government’s actions show functional unconcern with the fiscal effects of illegal immigration, why do they seem even more worried about the effects of legal immigration, even though the later poses less risk than the former? I suggested some possible answers in my article, but this should not be construed as an actual position on the problem of illegal immigration.

Even my comment about building a wall along the Mexican border did not actually advocate that this should be done, but simply observed that current restrictions are not being enforced, lending irony to the inconsistency in their approach towards legal immigration.

Where I am willing to plead guilty is that my data about immigration in America may not be accurate. I avoided spending too much time researching my sources as I think my overall point remains valid even after any adjustment of the relevant statistics.
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