Thursday, August 16, 2007

Hard Work, Good Fellowship and Tasty Pizza at my new house!

Day of hard work, good fellowship and tasty pizza at Robin’s new house!

I will be moving into my new house this weekend. On Saturday I will be cleaning and painting as much of the upstairs as possible. Everyone is invited to come and help!

Although I will be supplying paint and painting supplies, if you have any brushes, ladders, rollers or old sheets, bring them along as well.

I will be providing free pizza at 1:00, and in the evening there will be left over pizza. Bring your own drinks.

If an hour or two is all you can spare, feel free to come along anyway. Every little bit helps. Or you can just show up for pizza and fellowship.

The address is:

1040 W Palouse Road
Post Falls, ID

If you need directions or have any questions, phone me at 215-5038.

If there are any changes to the above, including if I have to cancel, it will be announced on my blog at

One final point: I am seeking someone with a good practical mind to help administer and manage the volunteers and who will be able to meet with me on Friday to discuss what supplies and painting approaches would be best. If anyone would like to volunteer for that position, please let me know.

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