Saturday, October 13, 2007

Britain's Thought Police

There was a time when thought police only existed in places like George Orwell novels. In 21st century England, however, thought police have become a reality, as I have attempted to show in an article recently published by the Kuyper Foundation's Winter issue of 'Christianity and Society.' It is available for download HERE. Or just go directly to the journal by clicking HERE and scroll down to my 7 page essay titled "The Degeneration of Liberalism. If you do not like PDF files, I have copied the essay into HTML HERE. My essay explores how the rise of militant liberalism and left-wing thought police is both a contradiction and a corollary to the tradition of classical liberalism.

Although my argument applies to conditions throughout the Western World, most of the examples I cite are drawn from Britain. Thus, the essay should be of interest to the numerous Americans who keep asking me about the spiritual and political climate in Britain.

Thank you Stephen Perks for publishing my rambling thoughts!

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