Monday, December 10, 2007

Some Excellent Resources

My 9th grade class is currently studying the reformation. One of the main texts I use is a 3-volume set titled 2,000 Years of Christ's Power. The author, Dr. Needham, has an excellent lecture on the importance of church history HERE (thank you Dennis Smith for recommending it). In the lecture, Dr. Needham touches on a number of reasons why the study of church history is important and some of the errors the evangelical church has encountered through neglecting its tradition. I would recommend that everyone listen to the lecture.

On a different line, I recommend Derrick Olliff's engaging series of posts on 'American P.I.E'. He masterfully articlates some of the key features of Americanized Protestantism which have troubled me but which I couldn't quite put my finger on until reading Olliff's series. His comments about the anti-sacramentalism and latent Gnosticism within evangelical Christians (as seen in the tendency to despise all external means of grace) was particular helpful.

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