Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Cameron Speaks Sense for a Change

It has long been my contention that Government should not try to be our moral tutors (see my article on the Maternal State and my critique of maternal statecraft) and not merely because its advice is usually bad, though of course it is. Once in a while, however, a lawmaker does happen to say something sensible about family life, such as David Cameron’s recent comments on alcohol in the home.

According to THIS article from the Telegraph, the Tory leader said friends of his who were banned from drinking at home had ended up with a problematic relationship with alcohol, unlike those who were allowed drinks at mealtime. He said: "Some of the friends I had, the ones who had the biggest problems, were the ones who actually were never allowed to drink anything at home - whereas the ones who drink responsibly were the ones who were given a glass of wine or a small glass of beer or a shandy or something. That's the right way to do it in the home."

Good advice. My children are all allowed to drink a little alcohol on the Lord's Day, even little Susanna.

That still doesn't change my view that lawmakers have no business telling us how to raise our children.

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