Friday, July 18, 2008

Vanishing Arctic Ice

The following is taken from Christopher Booker's Notebook.

A chilling tale from the North

There is nothing that true believers in global warming like to use more to sustain their faith than a fear that Arctic ice may soon vanish.

Google News last week showed 492 articles promoting this scare, after Arctic sea-ice had last September shrunk to its lowest level since satellite records began in 1979.

What the articles didn't tell us (although it can be seen from the Cryosphere Today website) is that ice-cover last winter rose back at a record rate.

Although it is again in summer retreat, there are now 700,000 square kilometres more ice than at this time last year. As global temperatures decline, the warmists may have to wait rather longer for that ice finally to melt away.

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Patrick said...

Here in South America they talk of global cooling. I´m not kidding. First snow in Buenos Aires in 100 years two years ago, coldest winter in Ecuador in 50 years this year. It´s enough to make you wonder if the world might be going into another ice age. Some serious scientists say we are(

But this evidence from the global south probably won´t be enough to change the politically correct conventional wisdom. In this morning´s headlines I read that a British energy company is putting adds in newspapers actually encouring kids to spy on friends, family and relatives to make sure they are sufficiently ¨green¨.

The energy company Npower speaks of recruiting ¨climate cops¨ and getting children to start ¨climate crime case files¨ on relatives. Although much of this is presented in a simulated video game, the talk of ¨training¨ may be for just that. It is good to be environmentally healthy, but coming from a country which sprays chemtrails all over the sky, any attempt to set up a climate police is going to be seen as just a joke.

patrick phillips

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