Sunday, September 14, 2008

Family Update and Pictures

There is not a lot of new news to report from the Phillips' household.

We recently purchased two dogs.

Joe recently moved out.

Matthew has begun 4th grade at the school where I used to teach, while we are homeschooling the others.

Now that I am no longer teaching, I have been doing various writing projects. (See the articles I recently wrote for the Christian Voice website: Totalitarian Britain and Nanny State Turns Nasty and The Families in Your Church May Not Be Safe). At first it worked out quite well to be paid in pounds while living in the dollar zone, but now that the exchange rate has evened out a bit, I have had to take on additional work to make up for the shortfall. I am currently working on a tree farm. Below is a picture of it.

On the anniversary of Matthew's baptism we had a party to celebrate all of our baptisms. Below is a picture of our baptism party, where we are drinking wine to celebrate having been brought into the family of God. (I am not in the picture because I was taking it.)

Last weekend, the three younger children and I went up into the mountains with a friend to pick Huckleberries and gather firewood. In one of the pictures below you can see the tree we chopped down while it is in the process of falling, in addition to some other pictures from our day in the mountains.

Immediately below is a picture of us playing croquet in our back yard with various friends.

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