Wednesday, May 20, 2009


"Another aspect of the Kinist case is an is / ought move from the God ordained existence of races to the goodness of perpetuating or preserving distinct races. This relates less to diversity than it does to the Kinist opposition to miscegenation. I'll leave aside my own general mistrust of natural law arguments. But notice again that from the perspective of union with Christ, opposing miscegenation treats race as more significant than the eucharist. We Christians of all races commune with each other, by the power of the Spirit of the glorified flesh of the incarnate Word, and yet we shouldn't marry each other? Try a reductio ad absurdum approach in the form of a lesser to greater argument on for size - if it is terrible for people of different races to marry each other, how much worse would it be to do something so important together as communing together as the bride of Christ? This argument hopefully leads the Christian reader to understand the monstrosity that opposition to miscegenation of the races is." From The Kinists are Back

Also see North Idaho Racism and North Idaho Racism Again.

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