Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Dying Scorpion of Labour Still Has Venom in Its Tail

The dying scorpion still has venom in its tail: this decomposing Labour government, rotting like a fish from the head down and with a maximum life expectancy of 11 months, is still doggedly pursuing the destruction of British society - the Project on which it embarked 12 years ago. Its latest assault on the family is an offensive against home schooling.

Ed Balls, the Children's Secretary - the very title is a totalitarian evocation of Maoist crèches and collectivist indoctrination - is to compel all parents educating their children at home to register them with local authorities (whose property they evidently are) and "extra support" (ie taxpayers' money) will be made available as part of "significantly strengthened" regulatory guidelines. In other words, the state, furious that 50,000 children have eluded its clutches, is intruding further into family life.

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