Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Inerrancy of Scripture

"It seems, for their part, that the Reformed need to realize the commitment of the Orthodox to the Bible as the word of God. Their reluctance to talk of the Inerrancy of Scripture is not due to the impact of critical liberal post-Enlightenment rationalism. Rather, it is an outflow of the more dynamic notion of tradition, of which Scripture is a part, and thus of its strongly ecclesial rooting. Moreover, it could well be asked what exactly is the cash-value of the conservative Protestant doctrine of inerrancy as such, an idea that could well be held by the Jehovah's Witnesses or other sects whose connection to the historic Christian faith would be difficult to establish, and has been used by heretics as a stick with which to beat the orthodox (small 'o') down the ages" Robert Letham, Through Western Eyes: Eastern Orthodoxy: A Reformed Perspective, p. 196.
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