Thursday, September 03, 2009

Pause For Thought

Here are some links that are too good to let pass without passing them on.
Yet another warning of the totalitarian implications of nationalized health. The question of whether universal health care actually works was addressed in THIS excellent article, while the sheer folly of it is articulated HERE. (My own article on the subject, exploring how universal healthcare is the slippery slope to an Orwellian disutopia, is available HERE.)
As the Obama administration is considering ever more intrusive control and surveillance measures on America's citizens (to say nothing of trying to control the internet or introduce a pandemic bill that will allow authorities to enter homes and detain without a warrant) it might be worth reflecting on how surveillance has and has not helped the UK.
On a deeper subject, Regis Nicoll has some insightful words on the relationship between Orthodoxy and Orthopraxy.
And finally, just to prove that I am not alone in my advocation of teen pregnancy (within marriage, of course), read HERE and HERE.

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