Monday, November 02, 2009

A Good Month For Big Brother - A Bad Month For Liberty

Now that October '09 is finished, I find myself reflecting on the remarkable loss of liberty that occurred between the 1 and the 31. I didn't think so many liberties could be lost for the British people in only one month. Consider that the following are just some of the stories that might be brought forth to illustrate this (taken from Big Brother Britain which I maintain and update daily).

Policing of Opinion Has No Place In Our Country

Britain passes Big Brother landmark: More than one in 10 people now on DNA database

Councils get ‘Al Capone’ power to seize assets over minor offences

ID card plan 'needs 28m people to sign up to cover costs'

Brussels 'Home Office' plot to snoop on all of Europe

'Bedroom snooping' by 2011 census

Innocent protesters' details collected for police databases

Police compiling database of 'domestic extremist' protesters

Secret court seizes £3.2bn from elderly

Brussels is 'Plotting a Spy State"

Want to help the neighbours with the rubbish? It's illegal

Teacher 'bullied' by council for leaving bag of waste paper next to full recycling bin

Social workers remove new-born baby from obese mother

Spying on Communities Contravenes Cherished British Freedom

DNA database now holds profiles of 5.6m Britons (but crimes solved using it falls by a fifth)

Armed police to permanently patrol Britain's streets

Liberty warns of new secret inquests threat

Big Brother Britain: £380 a MINUTE spent on tracking your every click online

Hundreds of council workers duped into answering Health and Safety questions on eating biscuits

Trafigura: 'Never again should a newspaper be barred from reporting Parliament'

MEPs call for compulsory 'EU lessons' in schools

Terror Act used on climate activist

A David for this surveillance Goliath?

Equality database sought by government

£1,000 fine for putting any food scraps in the dustbin

Council Snoops Have Power to Issue £300 Fines

Big Brother culture attacked by country's top barrister

Authoritarian? China’s not a patch on Britain

Amateur photographer is quizzed by police (for taking snap of the sunset)

English children abroad to be included on government database

Couple fail to win return of obese children

The United States of Europe Will Come

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