Sunday, January 17, 2010

Time to be grateful

Of all the people who have ever lived, we ought to be the most grateful.

Those living in the contemporary West have been lavished with blessings that are almost unfathomable.

Think about it: you can drive to the supermarket with a free string quartet in the back of your car (stereo). When you get home, you can have your own private messengers deliver a letter half way across the world at record speed (internet). After dinner you can relax on the couch in front of your own private drama group (television).

That is a lifestyle that not even kings could enjoy in days gone by.

So you would think that we would be the most grateful people in all of history.

But we are not. As a general observation, we are a culture of grumblers. Our technology has done many things for us, but it does not seem to have made us more content. It does not seem to have produced thankfulness in our hearts, at least not on a broad cultural level.

To counter this and stir our grumbling hearts to gratefulness (including my own grumbling heart), I will writing a series of posts on gratefulness, taken from talks I have given my family on this theme.

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