Monday, April 12, 2010

Alfred the Great Society

The Alfred the Great Society has now revamped its website. While no longer functioning as an academy offering tutoring services, we have retained the same vision of equipping believers to defend Christendom against the forces of contemporary paganism and unbelief. To read more about this vision, visit the ABOUT page on our new website

Our website currently has five main categories, each of which has a growing collection of free resources.

News and Current Events

Great Defenders of Christendom

Book and Film Reviews

Resources for Defending Christendom

The Worldwide Assault on Christendom

In order to be successful in our mission, we need men and women who are willing to help in the ministry of the Alfred the Great Society. In particularly, we are looking for writers who would be willing to contribute articles on news and current events and also who would be willing to review books and films for our website.

We also need your help to spread the word about AGS by people becoming fans on facebook and then suggesting to their friends that they become fans too.
Christendom needs defending now just as much as it did during the time of Alfred the Great. Unfortunately, the vision of Christendom is in danger of being lost, even among those who lament the direction our society is taking. Too many Christians have embraced a sacred/secular dualism that has left the public square, including the arts, in the hands of the pagans. AGS attempts to redress this.
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