Sunday, June 13, 2010

What's New Over at Alfred the Great

A number of new items have recently been posted on the Alfred the Great Society website. These include

The Devotion of J.S. Bach. This article explores the spiritual heritage behind Bach’s remarkable musical legacy.

Review of Robin Hood Movie. This review suggests that Ridley Scott’s recent adaption of Robin Hood, despite its aesthetic deficiency, has at least got Robin Hood’s politics right. Contrary to the popular myth that Robin was an egalitarian socialist, this article argues that the historic Robin Hood was actually a political conservative defending property rights against a tyrannical government.

Commentary on Current Events. This section of our website comments on some recent events, including an update on the national debt, what Obama is doing to turn America into a totalitarian state, how Bill Gates would like to decrease the surplus population and what recently went on at a blasphemous church service conducted at Westminster Abbey in honor of the European Union.

The Courage of Saint Columbanus. At a time when the Christians faith has been largely domesticated, having lost its rugged edge, Celtic saints such as Columbanus have something profound to teach us. This article explores the impact Saint Columbanus had in his own day and the relevance his example has for ours.

Christianity Under Attack in France. Learn how the French Revolution created a template from which France has still not recovered and which manifests itself in an institutional hostility towards the gospel. This article was written after careful interviews with a number of French Christians and reveals the shocking truth about their struggles with militant secularism.
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