Friday, September 03, 2010

Essays on Aesthetics

Throughout the history of this blog, I have tried to provide a number of posts dealing with aesthetics and philosophy of the arts. Some of these posts can be read by clicking on the aesthetic label in my list of topics or by visiting my series on the objectivity of beauty.

To add to this growing collection of articles about aesthetics, I am now making available a few essays on aesthetic philosophy that I wrote as an undergraduate. (But beware: they are written for specialists in the field and may prove difficult for a popular audience)

The first is on the theory of beauty proposed by Immanuel Kant (pictured left). Kant argued that judgments about beauty were specifically related to the reaction of delight that artwork prompt us to feel. To find out my thoughts on this, click HERE.

The second essay asks whether truth is an aesthetic virtue? To download this essay, click HERE.

Third and finally, I have an essay on the importance on artistic intent in interpreting works of art. It does make a difference, and an artistic difference, to know what the author of a work intended.

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