Thursday, September 23, 2010

Rage Against the Breeders

At Touchstone Magazine's Mere Comments, James M. Kushiner drew our attention to the fact that

Jonathan V. Last at The Weekly Standard has written an article about the rising tide of anti-childbearing sentiment, in which he writes:
It is a quirk of the movement that while the most committed childfree people tend to be women, being childfree is not primarily a feminist pose. In The Childless Revolution, Madelyn Cain describes three types of childfree women: “those who are positively childfree, those who are religiously childfree, and those who are environmentally childfree.” It is this last aspect that undergirds much of the movement, particularly at the policy level.
On the connection between being childfree and the environment, or more precisely, population control and "climate change," see also our new Salvo article, Baby Freeze.

Back to Jonathan Last:

Yet for all the Malthusian worry-warting, at the street-level, being childfree is mostly about disdain for conservative traditionalists. Thus, the childfree refer to parents as “breeders” and mothers who breastfeed as “moomies” (as in cow). Those are the nicer terms. (The site cheerfully catalogues childfree slang.)

Now if someone posted a list of offensive names for an ethnic group..
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