Sunday, November 28, 2010

Extraordinary Powers Granted to European Police

On 22 November, the full extent of the EU’s police and criminal prosecution powers emerged.
These powers include the “European Arrest Warrant.” This allows British citizens to be captured within the UK and extradited to foreign jails for months or years without bail while awaiting trial without the right of appeal.
Most UK citizens are unaware of these powers, which came when the Lisbon Treaty removed Britain’s veto in justice and home affairs.
Just as the Treaty of Rome in 1957 provided the architecture for all states to be brought into a common agricultural policy, so the Lisbon Treaty established that laws relating to freedom, security and justice are a ‘shared competence’.
Mary Ellen Synon wrote in the Daily Mail explaining the meaning of ‘shared competence’. “This means EU law can now suppress existing legislation in justice and home affairs in a member state and replace it with European legislation.
The justice powers now possessed by the EU include the European criminal intelligence agency ‘Europol’. Headquartered in The Hague, they receive £60 million-a-year and make up the EU’s federal police force. The picture above is above is of Catherine Zeta-Jones who played a Europol agent in the movie Ocean’s 12.

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