Saturday, November 27, 2010

Members of European Parliament Raise Their Pay

Even though the European economy is in meltdown,  on 24 November, Euro-MPs were handed an extraordinary £3,000 pay rise. Their pay will rise from £81,401 to £84,412. This does not include the luxurious expenses they also qualify for. (Read more here.)

EU legislation only allows for pay adjustments if there has been a ‘sudden and serious deterioration in the economic and social situation’. However, judges for the European Court conveniently ruled that this law did not apply.

The Judges who made the ruling stand to gain a pay increase of almost £8,000, lifting their salary to almost £220,000.
The EU president, Herman Van Rompuy (above), will get a rise of almost £12,000 to his already high salary.
Despite their extraordinary salaries, members of the European Parliament, do not work very long hours and sometimes only have a four-day week.

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