Wednesday, January 05, 2011

The latest in the Johansson saga

Last month I wrote an article titled "Swedish Social Services Snatch Christian Homeschooler and Jail Father." The article reported on the bizarre situation in which a seven-year old Christian boy was snatched by Swedish social services without warning while seated in a commercial airliner with his parents awaiting departure of a flight to India. On December 15th I gave an update which can be read here.

The latest news was reported on January 1 by Bob Unruh, writing for World Net Daily. He has reported that unspecified psychological studies or evaluations have been ordered for Mr. Johansson.

Further, the Gotland courts continue to reject Christer Johansson's request for representation. A shocking report given on the Friends of Domenic blog has publicized the fact that the father of Dominic Johansson has not been allowed to be represented by a lawyer of his choice.

The trouble started on 26 June, 2009, when seven-year old Domenic Johansson was seated in a commercial airliner with his parents awaiting departure of a flight to India.
Though the family had received no prior warning, Swedish authorities boarded the plane just minutes before take-off, forcibly removing Domenic from the custody of his parents and placing him in foster care.
Domenic is a dual citizen of Sweden and India. His mother’s family all live in India, where the family was planning to move to. But Swedish Social Services in Domenic’s home town of Gottland wanted to prevent the move from taking place in order that Domenic would be forced to attend their school.
The family received no preliminary warning, nor had they been forbidden from leaving the country.
After Domenic’s abduction, there followed an agonizing 18 months leading up to the incident when Christer Johansson decided to defy the social services and bring Domenic home.

That was on 22 November last year. On 24 November, police descended upon their home and arrested Mr. Johansson and once again took Domenic into captivity.Since then Mr. Johansson has been struggling to obtain representation by Trygve Emstedt, a human rights lawyer with 30 years’ experience who desires to take on the case.
Even though Sweden's constitution and Article 6 of the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights guarantees every Swedish citizen the right to a fair trial and the right to choose his own representation Gotland courts have insisted that Christer be represented by their own public defender. 

To read more about this shocking series of events see my fuller article "Swedish Social Services Snatch Christian Homeschooler and Jail Father" or click here to read my Christian Voice report. To read about similar events happening in the UK, see my article Forced Adoptions.

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