Thursday, February 10, 2011

Egypt and President Mubarack

I've been researching Egypt this week for Christian Voice, and one of the things I've found interesting is that the reality of what is going on is actually quite different to what is generally being reported in the news. 
We keep being told that President Mubarack is a dictator who is oppressing his people. No doubt this is partly true. Yet despite the criticisms that can be made against him, you've got to give it to him: President Mubarack has provided a stabilizing influence in the region, Moreover, he has helped Israel secure its borders and has kept radical Islam in check.
Most importantly, however, Mubarack has succeeded in keeping the Muslim Brotherhood at bay since 1981 when he assumed the presidency. We would do well to consider exactly what that means. If the Muslim Brotherhood were once to grab the reigns of power, they would likely open the border to Gaza and pour in weapons, including long-range missiles. Hamas would then have the capability of attacking Israel.
The longer the unrest in Egypt continues, the more opportunity there will be for the Muslim Brotherhood to channel the chaos towards their own destructive agenda. America desperately needs the stability that President Mubarak has brought to the region to be preserved. There are many reasons for this, not least because whoever controls Egypt could potentially hold the world to ransom since 10% of the world’s goods pass through the Suez Canal.

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