Friday, March 18, 2011

Islam in Spain

The year was 711. The Muslim warrior, Jebel al-Tariq, has just landed in Gibraltar with around 10,000 men, mostly indigenous North Africans. Tariq had collected these men in a sweep through North Africa in the early 700s, in which he established Muslim rule there.

From the rock of Gibraltar, which takes its name from him (Jebel al-Tariq, corrupted into Gibraltar), the Muslim hoards poured into Spain. Though ostensibly to intervene in a civil war among the Visigoths, Tariq made it clear to his fellow Muslims that his intentions were, in his own words, “To serve Islam.” That meant conquering the land.

al-Tariq was successful and for many centuries Spain suffered under Islamic rule. It took 700 years before Christians got their land back.

Ever since Christians recaptured Spain, Muslims have been itching to reclaim the land. You see, it is a fundamental tenant of Islamic theology that once a land has belonged to Islam, it always belongs to Islam.

For many years the idea of Muslims re-conquering Spain seemed like a pipe-dream. However, recently it has begun to look like it could become a reality. Earlier in the year I spoke with some Spanish Christians about the Muslim threat, and it is not a pretty picture. To find out what I learned, read my article at Alfred the Great Society titled, "Muslims Aim at Reconquering Spain."

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