Monday, September 19, 2011

What the Church Can Learn from the Mall

If you’re anything like me, you probably find it distasteful when churches try to model their worship after the latest trends in contemporary society. Matt Guerino expressed this frustration earlier in the year in his excellent ChangePoint article, “We’ve Been Here Before.” Mr. Guerino described a church that advertised its services with a promotional flier of a lady dressed up as the “church lady” from Saturday Night Live. She was posing next to the words “We’re not you’re grandma’s church!”
It is certainly appropriate to object to the way many churches have tried to model themselves around the latest fads of contemporary culture. The consumerist, me-centered mentality that is the essence of pop culture has little point of contact with the worship of God as laid out in scripture. Though it partly depends on how you define the terms, a “seeker-sensitive church” will normally always be a compromised church.
Nevertheless, there may be one area where it is appropriate for the church to learn from popular culture in general and the mall in particular. At least, that is what I argue in my monthly worldview column at the Chuck Colson Center. To read my thoughts on what the church can learn form the mall, click on the link below:

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