Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Cameron and Clegg's Europe U-Turn

The motion to give the people of Britain a referendum on the EU was defeated in a vote of 483 to 111 after David Cameron ordered his MPs to vote against the proposal.

In an article I wrote today for Christian Voice, I pointed out that David Cameron has continually promised to change Britain’s relationship with Europe and even gave a ‘cast iron guarantee’ that his government would support a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty.
After yesterday’s events, the image of Cameron as a Eurosceptic will be increasingly difficult to sustain. But it is not just David Cameron that is guilty of making a U-turn. In the run-up to the last general election the Liberal Democrats campaigned for a referendum [see photo below from their campaign flier]. However, when faced with a choice of keeping to their promise, they have capitulated to David Cameron’s europhilia.

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