Wednesday, October 05, 2011

New Position and Controversial Paper

I am honored to assume the position of co-director for the Reformed Liturgical Institute and I look forward to working with the exceptional team of intellectuals affiliated with the Institute, especially Director Gregory Soderberg.

For those who are unfamiliar with the work of RLI, we aim to promote worship which is biblical, God-Centered, historically informed, and which strives for serious and vigorous participation from the people of God. Some of the ways we seek to do this is through 
  • Strengthening local churches and help churchmen to mature in their understanding of Reformed liturgical principles.
  • Making reformed liturgical resources available online.
  • Encouraging the use of the Christian Year or church calendar as an aspect of the dominion of Christ over time.
  • Promoting and hosting conferences related to worship
To launch my time as co-director, I have written a controversial paper for the Institute on the ecumenical implications of Sola Fide. No doubt the paper will generate much controversy and debate in the days to come, so keep checking the Institute and this blog for updates. To read my paper, click here.

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