Monday, February 13, 2012

Secular Psychology, Nouthetic Counseling and the Bible

Jay Adams 'discovered'
Nouthetic Counseling in the Bible.
But is it really Biblical?
One of my most popular blog posts is an article I wrote last October on the dangers of Nouthetic counseling. Yesterday I found myself in a couple conversations where I had the opportunity to defend the appropriateness of Christians cautiously appropriating elements of secular psychology (an approach that some people have called 'integrationism' to distinguish it from what is called 'Biblical counseling.'). In both these conversations I was challenged to provide Biblical support for my claim that in principle it is appropriate, and sometimes even necessary, for Christians to incorporate secular psychology within counseling contexts.

Rising to the challenge, last night I studied the Bible's teaching on the subject and have gone back and edited my article on Nouthetic counseling to incorporate these Biblical insights. To read the updated version of my article, click on the following link:

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