Sunday, April 15, 2012

The March of Secularism: my response to David Pollock

David Pollock is President of the
European Humanist Federation
In a speech praising the march of the secular state, David Pollock pointed to the French Revolution as an example of the type of secularism he would like to see spread over all of Europe. Pollock is head of the European Humanist Federation and believes that the influence of religion in government is antithetical to individual liberty and human rights.

I have written a systematic rebuttal to Pollock's comments for the Christian Voice website, which can be read here. In my rebuttal I point out that

  • the concept of secularism as 'neutrality towards religion and non-religion' is inherently incoherent
  • the concept that religion has been a chief cause of violence is an anachronistic and conceptual flawed notion
  • individual liberties and human rights flourish best in nations that vigorously embrace their Christian roots
  • the march of secularism is not causing more liberty for Europeans but less

I could have profitably developed this last point by referring to some of the challenges that Christians face in contemporary France, though I limited my remarks to the situation in Britain. To read my article click on the link below:


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