Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Holy Spirit and the Animated Cosmos

The scientific revolution forced thinkers to re-evaluate the nature of the cosmos. While medieval thinkers had described the heavens with metaphors drawn from anthropomorphic life, by the 16th century they were increasingly tending to describe the heavens with metaphors drawn from the machine. The Protestant reformation, followed by the Enlightenment, further contributed to this general state of affairs which some thinkers have described with the phraseology of ‘disenchantment.’

These were some of the themes I explored earlier this Spring in a paper I presented for a conference at the University of York. Titled, 'The Holy Spirit and the Animated Cosmos', my paper suggested that the pathway to recovering an animated view of the cosmos in general and our world in particular is not to go back to pre-scientific modalities, but to understand the imminence of the Holy Spirit in our world through the lens of Hebrew temple theology. 

I recently updated my paper to answer certain objections that friends have posed, though I will continue to benefit from any further feedback people may have to offer. The paper can be downloaded at the following link:

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