Wednesday, August 01, 2012

"Now, will you leave my house?"

by Terrell Clemmons, guest blogger

Chelsea was home alone, minding her own business one afternoon, when she heard the family dogs barking in the back yard. They barked from time to time – that wasn’t unusual, but this time they were snarling. Something was up.

She emerged from her upstairs bedroom to hear strange voices coming from downstairs.

A third-year college student home on break, Chelsea had learned a thing or two about gathering her wits and summoning self-control. Although her heart was racing in her chest, she stepped carefully and quietly down the hall just far enough to peek over the banister.

Two strange men stood in the family room. They were talking to one another, obviously unaware of her presence. She observed carefully for a long moment and noted that they were not armed. Then she blurted out, “Will you please leave my house?”

They looked up, startled. But they made no move to leave.

Chelsea went calmly but quickly to her father’s bedroom closet and opened his gun safe. She grabbed a pistol – it wasn’t loaded, but the men downstairs didn’t need to know that – and returned, gun in hand, to the same spot overlooking the family room.

They were still there and gave no indication that they planned to leave. She held up the gun, pointed it in their direction, and said, “Now, will you leave my house?”

This time they bolted.  

Firearms as Crime Prevention
Obviously, whatever these two criminals had in mind to do, they weren’t willing to risk their lives for it. The (unloaded) gun was wielded, and all criminal intents were instantaneously overshadowed by instinctual self-preservation.

People have different views on gun ownership, and firearms are (not unjustifiably) associated with violence. But this incident illustrates one rarely-mentioned fact:

Often, the mere presence of a firearm results in the prevention of a crime.

Chelsea’s father had taught her well. She knew how to handle a home invasion - not with fear, but with confidence, calmness, and strength. Even though there were two of them and one of her, because of her quick thinking, her father’s preparedness, and the American Founders' foresight to ensure the right to keep and bear arms, a crime was stopped short, and not a shot was fired.

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