Thursday, September 27, 2012

America and the Middle East

As the U.N. General Assembly continues its 67th session, two things have become clear about the Middle East: (1) it’s a mess; (2) the West cannot fix the endemic problems.

These two things were clear from day one of the General Assembly. Of course, the fact that the West cannot fix the problems in the Middle East does not mean that America will cease to try. All indications suggest that America’s involvement in the Middle East will only increase in the days ahead, even if it ends up plunging the nation (and, by extension, all the nations who depend on the dollar as a reserve currency) into economic Armageddon. 

Is there a solution? I believe there is, and I have written to explain what that solution is in my article for the Spokane Libertarian Examiner at the following link:

Why America Should Stop Meddling in the Middle East

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