Thursday, January 24, 2013

America's Deceit Available Now on Kindle

My friend and former Hollywood actor John Gaetano has recently released a new edition of his book America's Deceit, available on Kindle. 

America’s Deceit is an epic novel about the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. This fictional story is based upon the true account of our government’s decades long cover-up. Seen from the fictional characters’ point of view, you will learn how our government shielded their part in the murder of our thirty-fifth President, and how they continue to hide its secrets behind the cloak of national security. Although there are plenty of nonfiction books depicting the many conspiracy theories of the Kennedy assassination, what John Gaetano has done is to expose these suppositions and test them through a fictional investigation of the truth. 

For any concerned citizen who seeks the detailed truth behind the tragic event of November 1963 America’s Deceit is not only a stunning work of in-depth research, it’s a page-turner story that you will be unable to put down.

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