Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Trueblood on Work

In his book Your Other Vocation, Elton Trueblood has the following good observations to make about labor.

It is a gross error to suppose that the Christian cause goes forward solely or chiefly on week ends. What happens on the regular weekdays may be far more important, so far as the Christian faith is concerned, than what happens on Sundays. A minority ought to leave their secular employment in order to engage in fulltime work, for the promotion of the gospel, but this is not true of most. Most men ought to stay where they are and to make their Christian witness in ordinary work rather than beyond it.... One of the heartening developments of our time has been the growing awareness, on the part of those touched by the Christian gospel, of the meaning of vocation. The idea is that God can call us to many kinds of activity and that secular work well done is a holy enterprise.

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