Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Why We Shouldn't Interfere in Syria

The Obama administration has been helping the rebels in
Syria with potentially disastrous results.
According to the New York Times, the first 50-man cell of fighters who have been trained by the CIA, are beginning to sneak into Syria to help try to overthrow the government. While America officially debates whether or not to formally go to war, the Obama administration is quietly helping the rebels anyway, independent of congressional approval. Syria can now be added to Obama's long list of undeclared wars.

Let's not forget our history here. The intervention of America and Britain in Iraq r
esulted in a hard-line Islamic takeover and the eviction or extermination of the native Christians living in Iraq, as Andre Doran showed in his must-read article 'How the Iraq War Became a War on Christians and Why Supporting Syria's Rebels May Extinguish Christianity in its Oldest Environs.' Doran explains that many Iraqi Christians died, while countless others fled to Syria where they thought they would be safe. And now Western powers are seeking to empower the very forces that are persecuting the Christian population in Syria.

Iran was a parallel situation in the mid 20th century, as I discussed in my article 2010 article 'Foreign Policy.' Our interference in Egypt was another case in point, leading to more killing of Christians, not less, as I showed in my article 'Egypt: I Did Warn About This.' Let's not make the same mistake again in Syria!

On my other website I recently posted an article about how the West is helping to destroy Christianity in Syria. I pointed out that a problem with American and Britain involving itself in Syria’s conflict, apart from the fact that it is none of their business, is the simple fact the Western powers have chosen to support the wrong side. No one is claiming that al-Assad’s authoritarian government has been godly; however, the prospect of what might emerge if his government is overthrown is almost unthinkable.

If the rebels do succeed in overthrowing the government, the worst case scenario could be a repeat of what happened in Yugoslavia during the late 90s, after Western troops supported Islamic Albanian rebel groups seeking to overthrow the government. Once the Muslim rebel groups had successfully separated from the lawful Yugoslavian government based on Serbia, they formed the, so called, Republic of Kosovo. Christians living in Kosovo were then targeted for destruction and sacred monasteries that were hundreds of years old were levelled to the ground.

These concerns are based on the fact of what is happening right now. The very rebels who are being armed by the West have been systematically wiping out entire villages of Christians in Syria. To read my article about this, click on the following link:

Russian President, Vladimir Putin, recently warned President Obama about the possible consequences of rash intervention in Syria. Echoing comments I made in a 2010 article titled 'Is Obama a Man of Peace?', Putin appealed to Obama as a Nobel Peace Prize winner, asking him to consider carefully whether war with Syria is really in the interest of world peace. It is definitely worth watching at this time of international insanity.

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