Saturday, May 24, 2014

The Regulative Principle taken to an extreme

I came across an interesting sermon today that was preached by Lemuel Hedge in Warwick in 1772 . It is recounted by Hood in his book History of Music in New England and shows just how far people would go to try to apply the Regulative Principle.
"As to matters of God's worship, we have nothing to direct us therein but his Word... The Word of God is the only rule of conscience; and no man can say that he cant in conscience, comply with any proposed practice, unless he can see something in the Scriptures that forbids it. He may plead that his humour forbids it, but he cant plead conscience, unless he finds something in the Bible, that directs him in the case. Now the Bible nowhere tells us, that the psalm shall be read line by line when we sing; nor is anything there said, that implies any such thing.
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