Monday, June 16, 2014

Holiness and Will-Power

Saint Seraphim
I was delighted to see today that the Colson Center recently re-ran my article 'Is Will-Power Good or Bad?' In that article I pointed out that one of the many admirable aspects of Eastern Orthodox Christianity is that they have never lost the high premium that the Biblical writers place on the connection between holiness and human effort.

Listen to the words of Saint John (Maximovitch) of Shanghai and San Francisco (1896–1966). In a sermon about Saint Seraphim, the Holy Russian Orthodox hierarch was moved to remark that “Holiness is the fruit of a man’s efforts and the gift of the Holy Spirit. Holiness is reached by him who wears a cross and wages warfare in the name of Christ against the obstacles to holiness, to becoming akin to Christ. These obstacles are sins, sinful habits, firmly rooted in the soul. Struggle against them is the major work of a Christian…”

You can read more about why will-power can play an important role in sanctification by visiting my article 'Is Will-Power Good or Bad?'.
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