Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Immigration Update

The latest news on my family’s immigration saga is that we have not been able to expedite things on Esther’s visa. Neither have we succeeded in getting Joseph and Miriam’s visas issued separately, even though their documentation was acceptable. And finally, we have not been able to get a refund or a date change on any of their tickets. This is rather unfortunate seeing that three of our children are enrolled to begin CCA in September. Moreover they cannot even use their tickets to come out and visit since their passports are in the hands of the embassy while their visas are being processed.

The good news is that Matthew (who has an American passport and therefore does not need to get a visa) will be coming out on the 29th. His uncle is bringing him so that he can start school on time.

Meanwhile, I continue to be engaged in hurriedly writing 6 years of history curriculum, trying to get my house painted (if anyone would like to help me in the evenings that would really be a blessing) and ready for my family, and sorting out a load of paperwork.
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