Saturday, September 08, 2007

Pictures of Children

Matthew has now joined me in America, where he begins school next Monday. We have been having a good time making new friends, going on hikes, getting the things both of us will need for school and just spending time together.

Here is a picture of Timothy saying goodbye to Matthew before he left. (To view the image in its proper size, double click on it).

Here are some pictures of Susanna, who has changed a lot since I saw her in June.


Chimene said...

Wow, the children are beautiful. Susanna looks like such a lovely combination of you and Esther!

I hope all of you are reunited soon.

purple_kangaroo said...

Beautiful children. It must be hard to have the family separated.

Steve said...


How's it going?
When do the rest join u?

Steve Hayhow

Steve said...


How's it going there?

When do the rest join you?

Steve Hayhow

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