Monday, October 19, 2009

Law Professor Warns of "cultural genocide" under new EU Directive

THIS interview with William Wagner shows some of the issues that Christians in Europe are facing under an increasingly totalitarian EU.

Professor Wagner, who serves with Christian Concern for Our Nation, warns that if this proposal is not adequately addressed, it “has the potential to create a cultural genocide.”

The Directive is part of a series of measures aiming to promote equality and combat discrimination among organizations and individuals across EU Member States in the areas of disability, age, religion and belief and sexual orientation. The Directive is worded in such a way that many Christian activities could fall foul of the law if someone believes equal treatment has not been received.

It has the “horrendous potential to completely eliminate the Christian worldview from any professional activity that involves providing a service,” said Professor Wagner.

During the above interview, Dr. Wagner points out that the Directive entails a de facto reversal of an ancient Anglo-Saxon law principle known as the assumption of innocence. According to this principle, a person is innocent until proven guilty. The Directive defines harassment as something which is perceived by a person to have caused offence or to create an offensive environment.

Wagner commented that, "
It’s your job in court, if you’re accusing someone of something, to produce evidence and actually prove your case. Discrimination law has taken a different route. Again, almost in a Darwinistic, evolutionary way, they have said we need to evolve the legal principles to do something different in discrimination cases. What they have done is they say once someone accuses you of harassment or of offending them, then the burden of proof no longer is on your accuser, but the burden of proof now shifts to you, the accused, to prove that this person actually wasn’t offended. Now there are some great lawyers out there in the United Kingdom and the European Union, but I don’t know of any that can win a case like this. How do you prove the negative? And after you inevitably lose a case like this, how do you appeal? You can’t. And I think the lawyers who wrote these provisions know this."
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