Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Too Busy

I came across this quote by John Ortberg which I will pass on:

“For many of us the great danger is not that we will renounce our faith. It is that we will become so busy and distracted and rushed that we will settle for a mediocre version of it.”
Obama and Domestic Business
The following video shows how Obama's policies will penalize domestic businesses.

Obama Worship
As I have noted the phenomenon of Obama worship HERE and HERE, I can't let this video of school children reciting praises to our president pass unnoticed. Also see THIS clip of children singing for health care reform.
Gnostics in the Closet
I've finished reading Against the Protestant Gnostics by Philip Lee. It is a must-read for all Protestants, especially the last chapter on his solutions to the endemic Gnosticism within the Protestant project. (Lee is a Protestant himself).
The European Problem
My favorite lawmaker, Daniel Hannan, puts the whole European problem in a nut shell in the following video:

Also see THIS article on the Great EU deception.
The National Debt
Those who have not already read my article on the national debt, should click HERE. Somebody shared with me THIS link to the national debt clock. I don't know where they get their information from, but if its accurate all I can say is it is scary to watch America going bankrupt before my very eyes.
Britain Doesn't Have to be the Worst Place to Live
Britain is the worst place to live in Europe, according to a new survey. Richard Littlejohn (what a great name!) suggests why in THIS article. As someone who spent ten years in England and watched it change before my eyes into what it is today, I can concur with much of Littlejohn's observations.
God save the queen! God save us all!
Taking Gender Confusion to a new Level
I recently stumbled upon THIS bizarre story. I have written before about gender confusion but this takes it to a new level. What would the headlines have said if “he” was successful in his attempted pregnancy (something that is conceivable since "he" was once a woman)? "First man to ever give birth?"
Musical Resource
I just came across THIS wonderful musical resource.
Presumed Guilty
Building on what I shared the other day regarding the shift in European law away from innocent until proven guilty, THIS article by Henry Porter is a must read. He shows that the structure of British jurisprudence is changing, with citizens no longer innocent until proven guilty. A new category, that of presumed guilt, is emerging with disastrous implications. In 2007 I warned of the changes that were occuring to English common law.

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