Thursday, December 31, 2009

How do I have time to blog so much?

Given that I have young children and more than one job, a question that naturally arises is how I have time to be such a prolific blogger. The answer is that I am not a prolific blogger despite appearances. This is because a lot of my articles are recycled from posts I wrote years ago, for the benefit of new visitors and in order to encourage frequent visits. Second, some of the posts are copies of things that I have already written for the edification or instruction of my children. Thirdly, a lot of the posts on my blog are reprints from things I have written for other publications as part of my ongoing work as a freelance journalist/writer (the five different publications that I currently write for are Christian Voice's print publication, Christianity and Society, Salvo, Signs of the Times, Lulu, the Spokane Libertarian Examiner). I'm on a salary with the first publication, while the latter publication pays me per visitors (roughly one cent per click) so I try to keep the readership of this blog high (through continual new content) in order to draw people to my Examiner articles. The strategy has been working to earn me a little money (alas, only a little).

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