Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Welcoming the Pope

God knows that Pope Benedict XVI has received a lot of flack, but I am one Protestant who is more than glad that the pontiff has decided to once again grace the shores of England with his presence, and not merely because I consider Roman Catholics to be Christians, though that helps.

Having spent a number of years blogging about the loss of freedoms in England, particularly where Christians are concerned, and being employed to regularly update Christian Voice's Big Brother Index, the Pope's defense of religious freedom in England strikes a familiar chord. I agree with the Evangelical Alliance who are

urging all Christians to unite in their support of the Pope's planned address on religious freedom. The Pontiff is set to deliver a thinly veiled attack to Westminster on Thursday on what has been described as a growing 'secular agenda' - marking the first Papal visit to Britain in 28 years.

"There have been a number of high-profile cases involving gagging orders on Christians sharing their faith at work, praying for people and practising their faith in obedience to biblical teachings in the work place," says Steve Clifford, General Director of the Alliance.
"Religion is not something we do in church on Sunday. It's a living reality that affects every area of our lives. As such, we applaud companies and organisations that sensibly allow Christians to reasonably follow their beliefs without hindrance or hostility."

See "Pope Warns  of Atheist Extremism."

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