Tuesday, September 13, 2011

America's Wars

In June last year I wrote an article for the Spokane Libertarian Examiner titled Obama at War in which I noted the unprecedented expansion of the American military since Obama took power and why this directly threatens America's national security. A little over a year later I am returning to the foreign policy scene to report that, unfortunately, little has improved since last June.

In fact, America's foreign military commitments are almost mind-boggling. America is now spending more money on defense than it did at the height of the cold war, even after adjustments are made for inflation. Just to put this in perspective, America’s military budget (financed largely by debt-spending) is greater than the planet’s remaining countries put together. Just the recent order of 2,443 supersonic fighter jets alone is greater than Australia’s entire GDP.

Last month the United States began drone missile strikes against Somalia, making it the sixth nation this year to fall victim to attack from America’s arsenal of lethal drones.
The other five nations are Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia and Libya. Last year Pakistan alone suffered over a thousand fatalities, including many of civilians, from this campaign of persistent bombing.
Then there is the action on the ground. We all know about the 7,000 American special forces currently in Afghanistan and the 3,000 in Iraq. But the Pentagon has also sent nearly $45 million in military supplies to Uganda and Burundi to finance the US’s proxy war against Somalia.
Let’s not forget that America is also involved in armed conflicts in Somalia (indirectly and unofficially), and as “Peacekeepers” in Sinai and East Timor.
Meanwhile, the Pentagon plans to establish a new air base in the Persian Gulf from which to more easily attack Yemen with lethal drones.
What's wrong with this picture? To find out, visit my recent article on America's foreign policy which I wrote for the Spokane Libertarian Examiner by clicking on the link below:

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