Monday, April 09, 2012

From Aristophanes to Speciesism

Following are some links to blog posts that I have recently published on other websites in the last month or so, on topics ranging everywhere from the Greek playwright Aristophanes to the latest fixation among moral philosophers with the problem of 'speciesism.'

Is it a form of racism to show preferential
treatment to human beings?
Read my article, 'They are just like us'
to find out.
  1. EHF President Praises French Revolution
  2. Ten Years in the North Korean Gulag
  3. The Cost of a Permissive Society
  4. Tolerance: An Evolving Notion
  5. Should Robots Have Rights?
  6. Gay Marriage: A Civil Right?
  7. Deconstructing books...literally
  8. "They are just like us"
  9. "They are us"
  10. Evolution Dismantled in 5 Minutes 
  11. Save the Males!
  12. Deep Stuff!
  13. Aristophanes and Gay Marriage 
  14. The Human Zoo
  15. North Korea Resources 
  16. Islam Growing at Astronomical Rate in UK
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