Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Gender Wars

In a ChangePoint article, “How Gay 'Marriage' Became Plausible,” I talked about the way 20th-century feminists have attempted to homogenize the gender polarity. “Homogenizing the gender polarity” was my over-intellectualized way of referring to the unisex tendency -- the move to eradicate all distinctions between the sexes.

In that article I suggested that the only reason 21st-century society even has the categories to consider a concept like gay “marriage” is because feminists throughout the 20th century had consistently worked to blur the distinctions between men and women.
Nine days after the aforementioned post was published at the Colson Center, an article appeared in Slate.com which alerted me to the fact that the flow of gender confusion also works the other way round. That is, while it is true that blurring the distinctions between the genders can lead to concepts like gay “marriage” obtaining acceptance, it is also true that societies which accept same-sex marriage tend to open the door to further (and perhaps even endless) redefinitions of what it means to be a man or a woman.

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