Monday, May 21, 2012

Speaking Topics

To help promote my new book Saints and Scoundrels, I am available to come and speak at your church or Christian school for free, as long as my travel expenses are paid. Speaking topics include:

  • Irenaeus and the Challenge of Gnosticism
  • Ideas Have Consequences: the Wisdom of Edmund Burke
  • Solzhenitsyn and the Challenge of Postmodernism 
  • George Whitefield, Jonathan Edwards and the First Great Awakening
  • Literary Criticism and the Biblical Worldview
  • Alfred the Great and the Purpose of Christian Education
  • The Objectivity of Beauty
  • Joseph Smith and the Challenge of Mormonism
  • Clothing Truth with Beauty: the Mythic Vision of George MacDonald
  • What Genesis Teaches us about Art
  • Dorothy Sayers Against the Gnostics 
  • Political Correctness from Gramsci to Obama
  • Postmodernism and Art
  • Celebrating Advent in the Spirit of Saint Boniface  
  • Rousseau and the rise of the Totalitarian State 
  • The Gender Wars from Androgyny to Gay 'marriage'
  • Recovering Manliness in the Spirit of Saint Columbanus 
  • The Gnostic Revival from Dan Brown to the Gospel of Judas
  • The Philosophical Roots of Fascism
  • Islam and the Challenge of Free Speech
  • What Alfred the Great has to teach the modern church 
  • From Rousseau to Obama: Tracing the Totalitarian Thread
  • King John and the Magna Charta 
  • Glorifying God and Refreshing the Human Spirit: the Devotion of J.S. Bach
  • Dorothy Sayers and Classical Education
  • Dietrich Bonhoeffer and the Life of Costly Grace
  • Edmund Burke and the Necessity of Good Manners
  • Secularism and the Myth of Religious Neutrality
  • Jonathan Edwards and the Life of Charity
  • Richard Baxter and the English Puritan Movement
  • J.S. Bach and the Lutheran Musical Tradition
  • The Intellectual Background to the French Revolution
  • The Baptized Imagination of George MacDonald and Dorothy Sayers
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